Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Esther's 4th Park Party and Amy Atlas shoutout!!

So my post last week of Ava's 3rd Birthday was featured on the famous Amy Atlas website!!! Aaaahhh!!! She is my dessert table design idol!!!! Check her out and if there is something you like in particular leave me a comment!!!

For Esther's desserts we decided on an "Ice Cream Shoppe" theme. These are mini strawberry "milkshake" cupcakes with "whipped cream" and a "cherry" on top, and oh of course cute mini straws to be realistic of course!!!

Strawberry shake hold the chocolate!

Don't you want to just drink these up!? I got this idea from Bakerella such a cute idea, but there were many a cute kid sucking on these straws and getting nothing out :)

Mini ice cream cones (cakeballs dipped in chocolate and stuck on a mini cone)

Beautiful birthday girl!

These strawberry "shakes" have chocolate syrup (chocolate ganache yum!!!)along with their whipped cream (buttercream frosting yum x2!) and sprinkles and of course the cute little straws!!!)

Make a wish Esther!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ava's 3rd Birthday Baking Party

I was SO lucky to help my friend Amy do this BEAUTIFUL birthday party for her daughter Ava!! The decorations were awesome and the sweets (of course) were DELICIOUS!! I already have her on board to join me in creating a amazing and stylish dessert business!! This party had a baking theme so all of the kids got to sit down and roll out there own cookies and cut them out, and after they were baked they got to decorate and eat them! Needless to say ALL of the kids had a blast with there little homemade aprons and mini rolling pins. So stinkin' cute!!!

My friend Amy is so amazing with her cute decorating skills!!! LOVE these water bottles!!

I used marshmallow fondant for this little birthday cake which tastes really yummy but is a little harder to keep perfect!!!

Strawberry cupcakes with a delicious strawberry frosting thanks to Martha Stewart and Sprinkles cupcakes for the recipes!!!

The cute little birthday girl Ava!!

Maddie is just having a BLAST making her butterfly and heart cookies!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its been toooo long!


I know the holidays have been over for a few weeks now, but I am just now recovered!! What a busy time, but don't worry I had my camera! I have so many pictures to post and not enough time to post AND narrate! So I will just post the pictures, and since each picture is worth a thousand words, I will let them tell you a story. :) I am hoping in time to be able to get this business off the ground and into action so if you are having a party, reception, shower, or any event where desserts are needed I would be willing to do the desserts for just the cost of supplies! On that note here are the MANY pictures I have taken since my last post!