Friday, October 29, 2010

Biz's Baptism

I drove to Arizona this past weekend to visit one of my greatest friends, who's daughter was getting baptized in the lds church. I asked what she wanted for dessert at the bbq afterwards and she chose these adorable panda pops!!!!!!

Panda Pops, that's right I made Panda's out of cake and chocolate and other tasty things! Thanks to bakerella for the idea!!!

Cupcakes and Panda pops hanging out next to eachother.

Those were some yummy cupcakes! (Thanks Aleesa for helping decorate these delectable delights!)

A plethora of pops!

More panda pops!

mmm... My Maddie girl eating her pop!

The special girl enjoying her panda pop!

Halls Baby Blessing!

My niece was blessed at the American Martyrs Catholic Church in the beautiful city of Manhattan Beach, it was a gorgeous day and it was a great night!!!

Yummy colorful cakeballs, the multi-colored flowers are made with either gumpaste or starbursts yumm!!! (Thanks mom for the idea)

Love this big flower!

mmmm... She ate this slowly knowing that she had to savor every last bite!!

The Hall Family, (from left to right) Baby Jillian, Michelle, Gavin, and Kris.

The bell of the ball! She loves her fingers!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Delicious Cinnamon Rolls!

The other night I had half a batch of bread dough leftover from a bread order I had filled and I couldn't decide what to do with it, I already had 4 loaves frozen, so I thought to myself "Rebecca, what is sooo delicious and soo fattening that you totally don't need right now, but totally want anyway!?!?!?" That's right delicious, warm, ooey, gooey, CINNAMON ROLLS!!!! This is only the second time I have tried making them and they turned out sooo good that I am going to have to make them over and over again until I need a crane to lift me out of my house!!!! So here they are, the closest thing you can get to a Cinnabon cinnamon roll without having to leave your house!!

The start of the bread dough madness!

Dough slathered with a good layer of a vanilla and butter mixture.. mmmm....

My adorable little baker in training!!!!!!

Look at that swirly goodness!

Vanilla Bean frosting, so melty, and sooooo delicious!

Maddie enjoying her first experience of licking the beater... lucky girl!

Rise babies RISE!


Does anyone need a glass of milk???

Oh soo gooey!